Wireless Carriers 

The aKos Mobile Remittance Gateway allows wireless carriers and MVNOs in the US to offer remittance services to their prepaid customers. These customers, many of whom are unbanked immigrants, seek an inexpensive and efficient mechanism for transferring money back home. The aKos Mobile Remittance Gateway allows a prepaid wireless subscriber to send funds internationally from his mobile device, where the recipient receives those funds in cash at merchants they already frequent.

The aKos Mobile Remittance Gateway:

  • Is provided as a turn-key, hosted solution

  • Works on all wireless handsets

  • Requires no downloads

  • Does not require a financial instrument

  • Provides complete money-transfer regulatory compliance

  • Is safe and secure

Through its extensive ecosystem, aKos is able to provide this value-added service to wireless carriers, allowing them to offer competitively priced, churn reducing, revenue generating remittance services alongside their current offerings with no infrastructure changes. aKos Technology Corporation has positioned itself at the intersection of wireless and financial transactions bridging international borders through its Mobile Remittance Gateway.

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